Light is energy, heat, life This is the direction in which they have been working, since 1945, with passion and a desire to innovate. a background that started in the immediate postwar period, at Marostica, and that now finds them all over the world.

This is the core business of their company: products, systems, solutions to control electrical energy. But it is also our philosophy: energy, positive vision and a desire to improve, always offering the best in terms of product quality and cooperation with their partners on the market. A characteristic that has always distinguished us and has let them grow to their current size.

Partnership with the market
This has always been the key to their success: to respond to the market in the first place you need to be able to listen to it. They do it in all their activities, from product design to Customer support. A relationship that is about being near, sharing and cooperating, to grow day by day with those who place their trust in them.

There is no growth without innovation. But there is no identity without tradition. They have always believed in the balance between these two factors, offering solutions with solid roots in technology and design.